I have been in designing business for most of my adult life. My career started as fashion designer and continued as an interior designer. At one point in my life, I decided to make a huge leap, went across the pond from Europe and got established in USA.

There is nothing I have not designed, except space ships and yes, I have designed and produced clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, beautiful homes, décor, cafe', restaurants and a lot more will come. There is no sign I want to quit anytime soon.

One other thing I am good at is cooking. In my life I have entertained family, friends, clients and business associates. I own about 250 cookbooks and kitchen novels. Voluntarily and for fun, I have studied food in history, food in the world and nutrition. Being an autodidact, gave me the push to write two regional Italian cookbooks highlighting the food of Puglia in Italy, the region I was born. Puglia food is dear to my heart in that provides me with a good health. The books are available on this site on the Books section and on:
Here you will also find my book #3 on the subject of Colors. Title: ©RED-A Voyage Into Colors.
With my blogs on various subjects, it is my wish to entertain, inform, teach and have fun.

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