I have been in designing business for most of my adult life. My career started as fashion designer and continued as an interior designer. At one point in my life, I decided to make a huge leap, went across the pond from Europe and got established in USA.

I have designed and produced just about everything: clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, beautiful homes, home décor, cafe', restaurants, food and a lot more will come. There is no sign I want to quit anytime soon.

I am the author of three published books, available at Barnes&Nobles - where you will find my latest book on the subject of colors:
©RED-A Voyage Into Colors

Here you can read my three blog columns of which I am the author

My two passions, fashion and interiors, have helped me making a superb living, but then I love colors and colorful food. People describe me as "the colorist".
Oh, yes, I like all the colors! Nothing around me is dull and boring.
I color my clients' homes when they allow me, otherwise they will live in a dull environment. However, regardless of their color preferences, I love them all, even if they like beige tones.

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