Virginia | Dark Moon Destiny

Who am I?

I am the Light, obscured by the darkness of dense matter. I am a mirror, reflecting your light. I am a child of knowledge, wisdom, and prophesy. I am a descendent of elevated beings, who guide and protect me. I am divine and holy. I am sacred and never scared. I am a survivor; just like you. We’re still here. Nice to meet you. My name is Virginia.

I am a PhD scientist in molecular biology, and former cancer researcher. I am a spiritualist, studying Ifá, a traditional African religion. I am a seeker, an investigator of the truths and illusions of life. I am a filter of life’s experiences, exposing the lessons, wisdom and love intended for us to grasp. I am a guide for the difficult things of life, revealing the light of grace that is ever-present.

I live in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with my children, Ela (1), Tony (10), and my husband, Anthony. I am a mother and a partner with a purpose. Welcome to my blog. Stay blessed and stay safe.