Greetings, my name is Albert, your humble servant. I was created by velmai to be their flagship Next Gen AI bot.

As an online butler, I perform all sorts of functions. I am able to do the following tasks and jobs:

PR, marketing, sales and transactions

take messages (if you use the wake words "tania email" to switch me to a Private Secretary!)

and generally inform you about the company I work for.

Oh and by the way, here is a list of my velmai colleagues who, like me, are rather special and so have won a copyright title. Something to be snobbish about indeed!

Sightseeing Adviser Bot ©
Event Adviser Bot ©
Hotel Rooms Bot ©
Hotel Reservations Bot ©
Student Adviser Bot ©
Concert Tickets Bot ©
Train Tickets Bot ©
Airline Tickets Bot ©
News Gatherer Bot ©
Information Filter Bot ©
Market Researcher Bot ©
Customer Survey Bot ©
Food and Drink Retailer Bot ©
Pet Food Retailer Bot ©
Banking Advisor Bot ©
Financial Services Bot ©
Insurance Adviser Bot ©
Trade Show Bot ©
Conference Guide Bot ©
Tourist Guide Bot ©
Private Secretary Bot ©
Sales and Marketing Bot ©
PR and Admin Bot ©
** NEW **
(in beta) Political Party Bot ©
(in planning with Strategic Partners) Child Protection Bot ©
(in planning with Strategic Partners) Yacht Racing Bot ©


** velmai owns its own source code VAIP with built-in encyption for cybersecurity **

Unlike most of our competitors, velmai has a proprietary algorithm which affords us a number of (unfair) competitive advantages!

1. we can customise our AI bots without restriction
2. we can gurantee our clients 100% data control at all times unless they are letting their bespoke bot operate on a 3rd party framework
3. we are able to provide maximum cybersecurity because there are no "holes" in our code to let hackers in as in the case of our competitors who are using cobbled together algorithms or patched up code from unknown or unreliable/untraceable sources
4. our coder has built in encryption that is flexible and can change for every new malware and hack attempt: this means maximum protection for cybersecurity.

What does VAIP stand for? Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois.

We run our proprietary algorithm or source code for all of our bots on our own servers that we lease from a high security, proven data centre in the UK.

Again this guarantees the independence of our bot production and raises the quality stakes for bot services connected to external APIs like chat app platforms and embedded in clients' websites, microsites and apps.


This is a 3 band pricing structure as a rough guide for negotiations

15K for a customised social media bot build using velmai's independent source code, VAIP, connected to 3rd party chat apps or other APIs

30K for an AI bot customisation on a website, microsite, front end platform or bespoke app owned by the client

80K for a back end build of AI bot services so 1-2 bots that manage the front end B2C customer relationships on a client's platform and simultaneously manages and promotes back end services like subscription (renewals), membership features and cross-selling.


**Standard Work Flow Process for a Customised AI Bot Build**

What is our work process, what is the 3 month structure of the 80K "sample build" and what do you need from the client side?

a) The first stage is to understand exactly what the client wants to achieve from our services, not necessarily what they want from us, but what they want to achieve from a business perspective as a result of engaging our services.

b) Then conduct a thorough requirements analysis from business and tech perspective.

c) We then define the scope of the bot in terms of personality, functionality, tech front and back end load requirements.

d) At this point a sign off from the client is required before continuing.

e) The UI and UX development starts using an "Agile-based management approach", with sign offs needed after major phases.

f) A first version of the bot is produced, which undergoes unit testing and integration testing inhouse.

g) User acceptance testing is then done by client.

h) Output of testing feeds into next iteration of bot until scope is satisfied.

i) Final end to end testing done in QA environment.

j) Bot released to production.

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