Jerry Marquardt

Oak Forest, IL, USA

I am Jerry Marquardt, manager at Versatileer, a company featuring this blog to you that features outgoing, useful information and reviews about home based products, services and issues. Some of my features include photography, science, weather, astronomy, fraud alerts, family & food, hard to find real news, and celebrating holidays through my blog. I also bring my followers plenty of giveaways, deals, coupons and freebies. My website is Public Relations friendly and is open for any product reviews and/or sponsored giveaways. I also offer reviews on architecture, real estate, and public sites. If any of these items are of interest for you to have Versatileer feature a review or giveaway, please fill-in the request form, and I will respond very promptly. I also feature environmental services, cleaning, janitorial, services and also carpet cleaning and upholstery serving the Midwest including the greater Chicago metro area. I am certified and recertified using Host® Dry Carpet Clean and Von Schrader®. I am from the Chicago Area in the fine State of Illinois in the United States of America.