Mike Walsh

Michael Walsh, International Journalist, Broadcaster and Author
One of the world’s most interesting and admired men, Michael Walsh is author and co-writer of over 60 books. The journalist is an international broadcaster and poet. Born into a literary family, his father was a veteran of four conflicts by the time he was 40-years of age. A battlefield associate of American war correspondent Ernest Hemingway, Patrick, fought in the front-lines of Spain’s Civil War. He and Irish playwright Sean O’Casey were lifelong friends. Michael's mother, ex-nun Kathleen, who also helped mentor Michael’s writing skills, was friend of Dolores Ibarruri, Spain's Civil War revolutionary La Pasionaria.
A world-traveller, Michael visited over 60 countries. He lived and worked with people of all ethnicities and religious beliefs. The English born dissident has friends from around the world who respect and share his opinions.
Race-mixers are race perverts. Race mixers promote the destruction of people’s history, culture and their unique bloodline. Race mixing is unnatural. Segregation is found in over 450 species. The only species to accept interbreeding are the deluded and the self-hating Whites.
Peoples of all religions and race value and guard their unique place in the world. They are not race haters; they are race-lovers. The race haters are those who destroy or assist in the destruction of ethnicity by forced assimilation.
Reserve your anger not for Muslims but for the three prongs of the treacherous trident rammed in Europe’s back. Treacherous politicians who open the doors of Europe and anti-White media hacks who grovel before non-Europeans, censor coloured crimes whilst downplaying or mocking ethnic-White resistance. Finally, oppose politically-correct police who allow the invaders to police themselves, do as they wish whilst persecuting ethnic-whites for the mildest criticism of the invaders.