1. BA Broadcast Communication
2. Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulos – I read this book as a kid. Every time I read it, it changes meaning for me.
3. I don’t have a favorite film of all time but I always watch The Big Sick when I feel gloomy. It’s a modern romance based on the main actor, Kumail Nanjiani, and the writer, Emily V. Gordon’s real life where she falls into a coma while they were dating. The film feels grounded and real. It’s a nice break from over-the-top choreographed cinematic romances.
4. Conrado de Quiros – I read his opinion pieces on Inquirer as a high school student. He writes what he thinks, regardless of the status quo. His writing is sharp and witty.
5. Ikaw ay Sapat by Musikang Bayan – It’s a love song in a time of political turmoil. It reminds me of some people I was fortunate enough to meet. Also, the lyrics are expressive and the melody feels like a warm hug, especially when played on an acoustic guitar.
6. – a site hosting over four million works of fanfiction. The creators and users of this website have formed a supportive community encouraging readers to write. Additionally, I like that the website is open-source and easily navigable.
7. Ultimate Noodles and Fried Rice Souffle with Sauce from North Park - Whenever I come home to Cavite, my family would dine at North Park and order this meal. Initially, I liked the food because of its taste and variety, but over time, I associated it with coming home and seeing my parents.
8. Watching TV series and reading fiction novels