Design and aesthetics rule my life. I am always on a lookout for things that are imperfectly beautiful, thriving on meeting new people, exploring new places, cuisines and cultures. A gypsy at heart, I just can’t be pinned down by routine. I am a lost painter who did not lift a brush after I acquired a degree in painting. So, armed with the creative juices still running in my blood I put my best faculties to use in fashion and retail. But the corporate background apart, I discovered that my true calling in life is writing. I am a thinker, but the kind who would think aloud most of the times. My day dreams often find expression in poetry. A part of me debates in my mind with the on issues close to my heart and there comes a time when I prefer to put these into words and have the privilege to know the reader’s perspective on the topic. I write to be read.

On this blog you can expect myriad topics that influence my life. To name a few, they could be: Short stories. Poems, Random musings, Fashion, Food, Travel, Nature, Music, Movies, Relationships, Parenting, Philosophy, Interesting experiences.

I believe, a thought, an experience, or an idea is incomplete unless it is shared. Do leave me a comment elaborating on your ‘ifs, buts, ands, etcs… ‘ on the posts that you relate to on this blog: See you around!