Virginia Rosselott

My name is Virginia & I’m a 32 year old mom of 3 beautiful little girls & married to my best friend who is currently finishing up serving our country via 11.5 years in the USMC ♥️🖤🤙🏼! Over the last few years I’ve lost 160+lbs all natural, helped our family find a way to pay off 150k in debt & enjoyed all the things along the way including travels, adventures & vacations! We are now renovating our mortgage free 2600 sq ft farmhouse from, down to the bones & I’m documenting that frequently! I’m currently set to run my a couple upcoming races including a half & full marathon & have been documenting my training for that since 2019!
You can find me on:
IG at Virginia_rosselott
Facebook under groups as foodie meets fitness 💪🏼
TikTok as Virginia R (Virginia Rosselott)
YouTube as Virginia Rosselott and my cover photo says The Sonder Nomads
Pinterest as Virginia Rosselott
And of course here!
Thanks for all the love & support y’all!