I am a Southwestern city girl who loves the outdoors, and I spend much of my time struggling with my wanderlust. My dream is to see the world one country at a time, and I have a few places under my belt so far (South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia). Since world travel is expensive, I get most of my exploring done in AZ, and there is no lack of new places to see here. I try to get out and hike new trails about once a week.
Besides exploring- I dabble in mountain biking, kayaking, and snowboarding. I am a avid amateur photographer, and a fairly good artist (digital, oil paints, pencil, pastels, and scratch board). I also graduated with a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, so I am a bit of a Biology nerd. I know alot about Arizona's native flora and fauna, and have lots of general knowledge of Ecology, Ornithology, and Herpetology. Finally, I enjoy cooking, preserving family recipes, and trying out new and interesting restaurants.
Believe it or not, I could go on... but I won't. In short, I am a fairly eclectic person. Expect that to be apparent in my blogs.