Midwestern United States

Aspiring writer who entered the blog world two years ago. I published a website with seven short stories and plenty of rambling thoughts. The blog fell a bit to the waste side as I closed in on the first draft of my first novel. Then some craziness happened with work.

An employee felt wronged, which could be entirely my poor management skills. Lashing out he cost me my second job and incited a huge fear with my website. I froze on the writing front and have spent the last four months trying to get past the first 6,000 words of my rewrite. Unable to gain momentum I am now trying to get back to where it all began.

Blogging, and connecting with other writers online for motivation. The start of my blog two years ago finally evolved into some semblance of a book. Unfortunately this one has to stay much more lonely, as I must stay anonymous. I won't have the luxury of texting a new story link to my friends for some positive encouragement.

I must wait for the will of the internet to notice me, care, and feel the need to share encouraging words. I'm probably dreaming, but at this point I'm desperate to try anything. Most of what I say is rambling and pointless.

My posts are mere bait thrown out into the ocean of our world during moments of complete block. I toss them in hopes of catching a slight distraction at the very least, and quite possibly a connection with the power to motivate even a single creative sentence out of my fingers.

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