Warren Lawson Architect

Los Angeles area

Warren Lawson Architect explores architecture of the present, the earth, and the living…searching for that breath of life in the built environment.

“...a building at its inception has the potential to become a unique living and, therefore, a more livable environment - an extension of life that in itself is unique, and, in doing so, while sheltering it, also supports, enhances, and affirms that life.”

The architectural practice of Warren Lawson Architect began in 1980 in Los Angeles with a specific goal: to transform the practical need for shelter into living environments, places that enrich human life, and where life - yours - might thrive, a goal that lies at the heart of the practice.

As a small practice, it focuses primarily on residential architecture with support from a team of highly capable consultants. This translates into a practice that’s not only flexible, but responsive to each client, allowing for a one-on-one relationship with each, thereby affording them the time and effort their project deserves. Each project is treated as one of a kind, one that achieves the client’s goals and dreams, an environment that offers a positive experience of being alive.

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