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Melissa is an inspirational speaker, blogger, and business owner. She started both her blog and wellness business after feeling led by God to encourage and also help people move from simply existing to living abundant lives surrendered to Jesus Christ. Melissa is a group leader within the women’s ministry at i5 Church, located in Glen Burnie, MD. Working in outreach ministries since 2013, Melissa has always been passionate about helping those in need. Understanding that God has a calling on her life, she uses her life experiences and knowledge to challenge and help transform audiences by motivating them to take action and make lasting life-altering changes. Specifically, Melissa helps others detox their thoughts by showing them how to replace negativity and wrong thinking with God’s truth and unwavering love. In addition, she leads people away from faulty emotions by revealing the transforming ability of practicing self-control coupled with faith. As a result, people are able to properly deal with the past, learning to let go, push forward, and envision and pursue success that only happens when fully surrendered to Christ. Melissa, along with her husband, Wayne, and their children, Darius, Travonne, Tyriq, and Shereka, live in Anne Arundel County. They share their home with their pit bull, Damon. In her free time, Melissa enjoys sketching, cooking, and researching the human brain and mind especially as it relates to unlocking its vast, untapped potential.

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