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Hi Friend's Whether you are in Chicago, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Osaka, Munich or Sydney find Americans, Africans, Europeans Asians, and all ready to relate to you in your unique culture and background.

We have recognized our efforts that sometimes it takes someone from a similar background, race or culture to better relate how Islam impacts them personally and as such recognize the difficulties similar people would have.

We all have experienced the so called “freedom of expression” the statement which they produce when ever any question is raised to them. They never let go this freedom of expression when it comes to the other other society, or racism, and honor this statement, but when it comes to the Muslim faith, they never. We urged to tell the world in real manners what the freedom of expression is. the freedom of expression is that we should express ourselves freely, truth should be told but with sensibility and concern, while considering the sentiments of our fellow human beings.

Freedom of expression never means going snubbing and hurting anyone while satisfying our own instinct.

Join here for Urdu Poetry or designing images base on multiple thread which almost cover all issue & we believe on let's learn from one an other & spread the join us serve our brother & sister to interact with multiple society.

Join us & below link.

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