Why do people start a blog? Is it because they love to write, or is it because they love to read? Or is it because the simply love sharing what they think...or is it because they want to connect?
I love all four of the above. I love to write. I love to read, and even more so, I love to share what I think and connecting to those around me. This blog will be a little bit of anything and everything. Life, love, writing, reading, thinking, the environment, quotes, family and all that goes along with it. The name Weareallfamily really links to us all because we are all family in one way or another. To become family, we do not have to be blood related, it can be that we agree on the same things or that we simply see eye to eye. The best thing about family is that family share a connection. Even though they might sometimes disagree. Family is always there to listen to us, respect us and care for us. Let’s connect and start our journey together.