When Love Crosses Oceans

Hi! I'm Terri! I'm 25 and I haven't returned home in 4 years! After finishing high school in Australia, I travelled solo for the first time to South Africa. My love for wildlife and travel grew even fonder. I returned home to Melbourne, Australia and I studied animal rescue and wildlife management for three years. When I received the graduation paper I packed two suitcases and I haven't returned home since!

I have travelled to 23 countries while living in England and Canada. I met my fiancé during my journey and now I have someone special to share it with. Our current address is Banff, Alberta - the heart of the Canadian Rockies. We are surrounded by natural beauty every day.

All it takes is a great work ethic, research, planning and a little bit of courage to do something out of the ordinary. My goal is to share, inspire and motivate travel in individuals from around the globe ✈︎