Bangalore, India

Hello people! I am Roopam Jain. Currently residing in Bangalore, India. I am a 24 year old girl working in IT field as a Software Engineer. However, that’s not much of a big deal. I do take my work seriously but only for five days of the week and it’s Sunday today. I always have a difficulty in defining myself within limited words. You can say I am a motley assortment of things. I have varied interests : I love to read (though not everything), words amuse me, i love listening to music, I myself am trying my hands at guitar since a few months, i love to travel but I also love peace and quite. At the end of it all, I want to have lived a good life…No great life! Mmm? Sociable? I guess not. I take some time to gel with people and with them i am my unrestrained self! I am wondering how this text will change in a time gap of six months. But certain things never change about me: I am pretty vulnerable, pretty honest to people who matter and pretty fun-loving :)!