whimsicallyclassic (Kayla)

I'm a native of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I reside in the Portland, OR metro area in a 1940 bungalow, which I would love to restore to its original 1940 aesthetic.

My interests include (but are not limited to): classic movies; classic television; not-so classic movies; not-so classic television; traveling (though lately it's been vicarious traveling); camping, fantasy football; watching football; watching boxing; trying out new restaurants; trying new recipes; reading and learning. You can never learn too much!

Film and Television are two of my favorite things, however.

These are some of my favorites:

ACTORS: Errol Flynn; Gene Kelly; Humphrey Bogart; Cary Grant; Fred Astaire; William Powell; William Holden; Jack Lemmon; Orson Welles; and Montgomery Clift.

ACTRESSES: Lucille Ball; Judy Garland; Bette Davis; Rita Hayworth; Ginger Rogers; Myrna Loy; Jean Arthur; Barbara Stanwyck; Audrey Hepburn; Katharine Hepburn; and Claudette Colbert.

MOVIES: The Long, Long, Trailer; Casablanca; All About Eve; The Adventures of Robin Hood; Gentleman Jim; Sabrina; Picnic; The Muppet Movie; Meet Me in St. Louis; The Wizard of Oz; Gilda; and The Major and the Minor

GENRES: Screwball comedy; Melodrama; Musicals; Noir; Mystery; 1960s Caper Films; 1960s Teen Beach Movies... Most genres except Silent, Horror and Sci-Fi; but I will even give those a chance.