A doctor by profession, struggling for existence and a fruitful loving relationship....I am humble and kind because I have seen thousands of persons with problems in mind and never seen a single person without a problem....helplessness of human being.I have seen many people who are longing for real love,but never seen one who found it.All are in a kind of search throughout their life........and I am satisfied with my fantasies and realities of my small world,inhabited by genuine people........I am not sitting on a cloud with an enlightened smile on my face all day long. I can be angry, stubborn, impatient, sad, and frustrated as well.I am imperfect. But I know that these characteristics are part of my experience but not part of me. I am profoundly happy as a basic condition of my being. Therefore I don’t deny negative feelings because I know that they will show me something in order to discover a new part of myself......My slogan is "life does not get better by chance but by change.Change yourself!"..........
I like to see nature and human beings in a metaphysical reality, in real world, I cant see anything interesting..meaningful..soul filling..other than romance,real genuine relationships..I believe what ever I see is my own mental world is my own creations..and I am slave of my own belief system.....And trying to add colour to seeking a romantic companion.and..trying to write ekphrastic poems.

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