Course and Year: BA Communication Research, 2nd Year

Fave book/novel: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman.
The novel is a great parody of religion and belief as it humizes almighty beings and puts omnipotence into the hands of a child. It is a great book about introspection, considering the bigger picture, and questioning the actions of God.

Fave movie: Blade Runner
Something of a monolith in science fiction cinema, this film paved the way for the cyberpunk genre in the arts. The film also portrays several deep themes that were controversial during its first showings.

Fave media practitioner: My mom, who is a (former) journalist.
She was the associate editor for a few notable magazines until about a decade ago. She is my inspiration for pursuing a career in the media.

Fave song/singer/band: Imagine Dragons.
The band brings very insightful life messages and combines it with music that any audiophile would appreciate.

Fave internet site: www.pinterest.ph
I find the act of saving little ideas on DIY stuff, sports GIFs, and cute cat pics on a single site/app very convenient and useful.

Fave meal: Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle from Hawker Chan in Singapore.
Having the cheapest Michelin Star meal at its origin was a very nice experience.

Hobby: Sports, particularly fencing. I am currently a part of the UP Fencing Team and in the training pool for the Philippine Under-23 Fencing Team.

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