My name is Sophie Claudia and over the past year or so I've become passionate about creating (and eating) plant based foods and using cruelty free beauty products. The biggest challenge for me has been incorporating this into a busy lifestyle whilst working full time/commuting and keeping on top of housework, exercising and trying to keep healthy. I've tried to use this lifestyle/way of eating to aid me in keeping my energy levels up, feeling good and helping the environment. I've had many a slip up along the way but i'm still working hard to ensure that what I am eating and buying is the right thing for my health but able to throw in a few treats along the way. I believe in eating an abundance of fresh healthy foods whenever possible and never depriving yourself/counting calories.
My blog is named after my cat Wilfred as I didn't want anything too cheesy! The reason I've started this blog is to have a creative outlet in which I can store my recipes and experiences and maybe provide any advice or tips to people wanting to incorporate a more plant based diet into a busy schedule and tips on which cruelty free products to i figure these things out myself!

Sophie x