Wilker Amorim

I'm Designer with high experience in User Experience and User Interface methodologies and techniques acquired in the last +15 years. As UX / UI Designer, I've been creating web solutions where I performing usability analysis, ux research, usability testing, heuristics evaluation, creating wireframes/ prototypes where I apply agile and strategic process like Scrum and Design Thinking.

My current role consists in advocate for business partners and final customers, understand their needs, motivations and points of view, in order to reflect in quality among the usability and development team propose solutions.

My most important projects were telecommunications solutions for great companies like BT, 8x8 and Bell mobile. I've worked for 5 years with e-learning solutions for companies like Kroton, Vale, AkzoNobel, Kraft Foods, Bovespa and Ernst & Young. In addition, I've designed for 2 years, Goal Management, Strategic Planning and People Management solutions for companies like GranBio/GranEnergia, Tecnisa, BRMalls, Vivara and Dextra.

I believe that my knowledge and achievements are only possible because I am happy in what I do, passionate about my pets and especially my wife's love.

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