Wilker Amorim

I’m a Senior User Experience Designer and Team Leader with much experience working with many design methodologies and techniques acquired in the last +15 years.

As UX/UI Designer, I've been creating web solutions where I perform smart interfaces, heuristics evaluation, creating wireframes and high fidelity prototypes, always working with agile methods and strategic processes like Scrum, Design Thinking and Design Sprint.

As Lead and Product Manager, I've organized a hybrid team to work with web solutions for the Communication, Hiring, IT, HR, Facilities, Financial and Innovation areas. Always focused on improving the user experience through a strong design process to validate great results.
I keep a fluid communication among the stakeholders and our team to guarantee a good understanding and evolvement of the projects.

My most important projects were web/app solutions for great companies like Ericsson, BT, Guardian Analytics, and Symphony. Also, I highlight that I worked 5 years with E-learning solutions, 4 years focused on Management Sales solutions and HR solutions.

I believe that my knowledge, an eye for detail and desire for organization, allow me to start the projects with the right feet to have great ends.

And so, I would love to discuss the possibily to join your company and be part of your team. Please reach me to further talks.

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