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Hi, my name is William Thiek and I'm a newbie blogger.

I created my blog, WillsBlogger where I write about the products and services I use to help other entrepreneurs stay informed. I want entrepreneurs and business owners to know they don't have to feel overwhelmed by technology—I try my best to make it all seem a little more easily manageable.

In addition to producing content that I hope will be valuable to my readers, I also want to connect with other bloggers fellow bloggers who have the same topic of interest and would like to share content ideas or even collaborate on some projects together!
We could learn from each other's strengths and work together to generate new ideas for our blogs.

My blog covers everything from internet security and website development to online marketing and social media management.

My goal is to produce content that will be interesting for people of all ages in all situations--from teenagers who are trying to make sense of their world during this uncertain time to adults who are looking for a distraction from their daily lives during this difficult year.
In addition to blogging, I love traveling, reading books on psychology and economics, watching movies with subtitles or other languages, and playing chess (though I'm not very good at it!).

If you're interested in collaborating or just finding out more about what I do, please check out my blog and get in touch!

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