An aspiring freelance writer, my dream is to become a published author here in Australia and of course, globally. Being a people-person, I love meeting and engaging with individuals and my writing interests therefore are more inclined towards real-life people, their stories, issues and anecdotes. I do however, dabble in fiction as well.
My interests and hobbies range, in no particular order, from reading (of course), writing (naturally), movies, power-walking, dancing, music (I couldn’t live without music), fashion (admittedly, my downfall!), animals, ten-pin bowling, correspondence, stage musicals, socialising, cooking, badminton, comedy shows, sci-fi, stage drama and inspirational people and their stories.
Having a curiosity in practically everything, my interest is often piqued whenever I meet new people and learn what makes them tick. So do drop me a line, and if a particular post appeals to you or you can either relate to it or find it intriguing, interesting or inspiring, please let me know via the comment box.
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Happy reading!
Wendy Robinson