I am a mid thirties woman, professional mother of two, and live in a beautiful part of England. Up to recently very active through swimming (in the sea) kayaking (on the sea) bodyboarding (getting the picture?!) camping in our soulpad and drinking lots of wine ;-) A prolapsed/torn dehydrated lumbar disc(s) has seen the end of those great things, for now, and I am now wading through the mud of recovery, if that ever happens. My blogs are related to the space I am in right now, a diary of my ups and downs as the mud deepens and shallows, as an outlet of my pain, frustrations, fears, hopes and longing to return to the waters. Back pain is not always understood, so if I can help/support others or show at least they are not alone in their pain, great, if no-one reads it, that's ok.

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