Winfred Cook

Beautiful Oakland

Winfred Cook started writing for his own pleasure four years ago and has since written a number of short stories and three novels.

The author is a successful and influential African-American hair stylist in San Francisco, working with a broad and diverse group of clients that has included political activist Angela Davis, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and singer Nancy Wilson.

Cook opened his first salon in San Francisco in 1973 and soon after began writing his popular weekly column Ask Winfred in the SF Sun-Reporter, offering hair care advice and detailing his “easy care, beautiful hair” philosophy and techniques.

Along with his two brothers, Cook was born and raised in a working class neighborhood in St. Louis, where his parents divorced when he was a child. Immediately following high school, he and two friends journeyed to New York City, a city that had a profound impact on his young mind.

In subsequent years, Cook lived in Chicago and Los Angeles and in 1969 landed in San Francisco where he discovered his true home.