Basa Basa

I came to be on the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, then British colonies towards the middle of the last century. My childhood was reared as such by indoctrinated parents in those colonized circumstances of the Caribbean. My scholarship was just about average nothing particularly remarkable except a stubborn knack for inquiry that very often aggravated my parents. After my schooling I found employment with the Government Services in the printing field. I was a Proof Reader (corrector of the press), that occupation awakened a thirst for expression and a love for the WORD. As my yearning for knowledge and adventure blossomed greener pastures beckoned. I migrated to the United States at a point in time when a climate of Racial Rebellion echoed off the walls of injustice, bellowing:- WAKE UP! WAKE UP! A new reality:- POWER TO THE PEOPLE! It was such an environment that alerted in me, until then a silent source of adventure, the desire and ability to sculpture. Wood, Leather and Fabric Works. My academia derived from observation and self tutoring. Thus the source of my livelihood henceforth.
May I share my thoughts with you.......