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Israel Onyije, Your Success Christian Coach, is a minister, mentor, inspirational speaker, motivator and business development leader with a mission to speak faith into your life and called forth the greatness God has planted in your life and assuring you that the best day are still ahead. Israel Onyije is known around the world for his ability to resonate with his audience, providing insights and wisdom that are life-changing principles for success. Israel Onyije shares timeless truths, wrapped in humor and delivered with passion, teaching people how to pursue and possess a life of success. In addition to speaking regularly in churches, colleges and business organizations, Israel Onyije is the owners of Housetop Magazine, a Christian success magazine. He also authors several best selling books including: Wisdom for Releasing the Power of Faith. He is known for his “First Steps to Successful Living and Intensive Seminars” which are attended by hundred and thousands of people. Israel Onyije is the founder of Wizzymed Power International which champions principle-based coaching by connecting, encouraging and investing in business leaders, pastors and individual. Sign up to receive Weekly Inspirational tips for success from Israel Onyije. Remember, the difference in where you are and where you want to be is what you know. Israel Onyije wants to help you move forward by sharing things he has learned along the way. You will succeed!