Sterling Dueck

Hi, I'm Sterling Dueck. I live in the Sunny Okanagan in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. My lovely wife Pat and I have operated a janitorial business called Quality 1st Custodial for the past 18 years and are in the eve of retirement. I love music, enjoy singing as well as playing saxophone. I have recently produced my 1st Sax Cd. Follow the link on this site and have a listen! Enjoy! My wife and I enjoy the outdoors - camping, fishing, and nature walks. With a family past in construction, building things with my hands has always been second nature. I have put these talents to work taking on renovations around the home. We have two wonderful sons with loving significant others and two beautiful grandchildren.

Recently the Lord has been doing a wonderful new work in our lives! I trust you will find the articles an expression of this journey and be blessed and encouraged!

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