Writer on the Loose - Adventures in Art and Travel

After 40 years as a caterpillar, grazing on journalism and public affairs, I find myself a Pupa metamorphosing to Fiction Writer. Excited. Confused. I blame great authors. Reading them a voice in my head shouts, "I wish I'd written that" and a Muse replies, "So WRITE already." It happened often in 2014 (tip of the hat to amazing books by Juliet Marillier, Patrick Rothfuss, Naomi Novik and Nicola Griffith); I couldn't finish a chapter without interruption. That's a lot of Muse nagging. So for peace of mind I retired July 4, 2015. My first novel, a work in progress, finds me unexpectedly dallying with the Greeks...I suspect that Muse. I live and write in San Francisco with encouragement from my husband Jim, daughter Alexandra and dog Joy. We are all nomads at heart -- lucky to have lived 13 years in Germany and traveled Europe. I collect myths, legends and folk tales, and admire the arts they inspire. The world is full of wonders. This blog is dedicated to those who explore and create them.