William Gatewood DO

Kirksville, Missouri

Finally found what I was looking for in life and my journey into medicine. If there is one specialty that fits my mindset and thought process, Emergency Medicine hands down has done it for me. Combining my many interests and a forgotten passion for graphic design, I found that my hobby in creating google docs of ECGs I had seen was actually a pretty big deal. Now feet first in FOAM movement, and redefining the way we consume our medical education and collaborate across specialties. I'm William and Family Medicine resident with a passion for all things Emergency Medicine. Primarily focused on developing FOAM material in Electrocardiography and all subjects EM. It would be a honor to find a program willing to take me on a resident; although, it's tough in the rural Midwest without a lot access to an EM Residency program. My work here is my contribution to all those creating FOAM and making available EM curriculums and content so that I can independently train to provide the best care for my patients. I used to be discouraged about it but now have become involved in becoming well-versed and knowledgable in the academics and core principles of EM. I humbly thank all the residents, attendings and programs for making available your expertise and educational works. Of course, if you are are an EM Program Director, it would be pleasure to speak with you as a prospective resident and future colleague.

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