Hey everyone, in This blog I will be sharing with you my healthy, delicious and creative meals to make eating healthy fun! I am a 15 year-old boy with a passion for many things and one of those things being health and nutrition. I have been a competitive swimmer for 10 years. I have swam with various clubs over the past decade and been all over the country. As a younger kid I had practices everyday and sometimes twice a day but I was still overweight and not living my best life. Over the past few years and as I have deepened my knowledge for health and nutrition, I have came to relies that you can not out train a bad life style and nutrition is the key to success. Over the past 3 years I have been lifting weights, however it was not until last year that I started seeing serious results. This was because I started incorporating proper nutrition into my active lifestyle. over the past year I have realized that eating healthy does not have to be boring and repetitive and instead it can be delicious and fun.