My name is Chana. I grew up in South Sacramento, the northern part of California. When I was a very young child, I grew up in a middle class home for a brief moment in time when my mother and father were common law partners, but our economic status changed when my mother became a single parent. My father and mother were together for about 20 years and I had the privilege of living with both parents, until about the age of 6. My mother raised two of my siblings after she left my dad. I have a blended family with a total of 7 siblings. I attended Elk Grove and Sacramento Unified School District.

I am a Christ follower (work in Progress) and have 5 children and one grand-daughter, named Joi, but we call her Yoshi. I'm an educator, amateur writer, essential oil enthusiast, foodie, and social justice advocate.

I enjoy reading books, listening to Audibles and music, practicing yoga, participating in Bible study groups and book clubs, gardening, walking, dining, and writing during my free time.

My lifestyle blog will include various life topics, such as, marriage/relationships, family life, parenting, social justice, spirituality, education, healing from abuse & trauma, and wellness.

In His Grip,