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Working alongside skin specialists and skin disorder doctors, we have developed a treatment that is a safe, effective way to remove each client’s specific Xanthelasma.
We need to make sure the removal of your Xanthelasma is not too deep, doesn’t leave scarring, is not too shallow, so as to not remove the Xanthelasma at all and is one of the most successful treatments in halting regrowth of the lesions.
We find that the depth, size and shapes of the Xanthelasma vary from person to person. Other factors, such as medical conditions, skin colour and complexion, as well as age, have an effect on the successful, scar free removal of your Xanthelasma.
After private research and treatments, we can now offer a home product for you to use, with a 100% Money back guarantee*. Easy application instructions and everything else you will need, come with your treatment pack. Your own formulated cream (or gel, depending on your Xanthelasma) with everything you need included for you to perform a safe, easy cosmetic treatment, for the removal of Xanthelasma.