Andrea Maria / Grumpsy

Quezon City

1. BA-II Journalism
2.The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I've read this 3 times in my life. At 12 years old, 18 and 20. Each time it produced a different meaning and completely answered questions I did not even think to ask myself in my life.
3.Celeste and Jesse. A unique-weird relationship between best friends and old lovers. Makes me feel less weird.
4.Instagram. In this day and age, nearly everyone has an attention span of 15 seconds. Instagram gives you a glimpse of this (depends on what you follow, of course) and tailors content that essentially matters. To his and her own.
5.ERASERHEADS and the song Baby by Donie and Joe Emerson. The first, reminds me of old school manila love and their songs refresh me everytime.The latter, is the song I've always envisioned to get married to one day.
6. Triple Chz burger of mcdonalds, ugh so unhealthy but oh so good.
7.Field hockey, indoor hockey, graphic designing, working out.