So you want to know about me, huh?

Good! I get to talk about myself in the first person, and how I am basically the cat’s pajamas — so here goes:

I have many years’ work experience behind me, most of which were at a petrochemical plant. The plant closed down two years ago, so I had to think about what’s next for me. I got offered a management consulting job for a year, took it, and also used that time to think even more about what’s next for me.

I decided to go back to school and finish my degree in Organizational Management, which is still in progress, and work from home. What inspired me to go down that path? Two things: flexibility and because the Internet is basically a modern Gold Rush. There are an incredible number of jobs that can be done from home and I had already been dabbling in that for some time.

So here I am today: A résumé stylist/virtual assistant and online student who also loves to prepare pretty dishes and post them to Instagram. :) My LinkedIn profile and website goes into all the details of what I can do for you, but - in a nutshell - I offer an extensive fund of business process knowledge and all-things-administrative. My passion, however, is creating clean, usable, and elegant résumés. I see them as a work of art.

Other cool things to know about me: I have an appetite for food and travel, I write this expat blog, I love olives, my favorite font is Calibri, I’m a tireless seeker of knowledge, and best of all: I GET THINGS DONE.

I’m always on the lookout for a traditional full-time job, but am also available for contract or project-based work.

Let me help you. We can harness ideas together!

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