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We provide a full range of corporate legal services to businesses of all types. Business transactions, contracts and litigation - the quality of a large law firm at a fraction of the cost. Expert corporate lawyers for all of your business needs. Real estate, venture capital, startups and growing companies are our specialties. Visit us at

We specialize in representing growing businesses, entrepreneurs and family offices and sophisticated investors in all types of business transactions. Services include: organizing and structuring new corporations, partnerships and LLC’s; reviewing business plans and financial projections; raising capital; mergers and acquisitions; venture capital; real estate acquisitions and loans; and complex contracts and joint ventures.

We also put together all types of investment structures, from convertible preferred stock offerings to real estate limited partnerships. Additional areas of expertise include real estate transactions and oil and gas. We also have extensive experience representing Angel Capital, Venture Capital and Institutional Private Equity.

We provide a cost-effective alternative for entrepreneurs, investors, growing companies and others who need sophisticated corporate and business law services but are tired of paying the exorbitant hourly fees of traditional law firms. We keep our fees down by drawing on our extensive network of independent lawyers and boutique law firms to meet the specialized need of each of our clients, and using web technology to maximize efficiencies. Call or email today to see how we may help you.

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