I am a Unicef Pensioner of 79 years of age. I have five (5) children (3 daughters, 2 sons). My two sons were passed away -- one in `1968 and another one in March 8, 2014). Proudly, having four grandsons, Garda Chairul 21, Raka Goodridge 20, Ghazi Chairul 13 and Ayman Nasution 12.

I was born in Cirebon in July 10th, 1939 from a father (Padang, West Sumatera) and mother (Bogor, West Java) I live in Pamulang 2, South Tangerang

I withdrawed from employment with Unicef in July 1991, since then I had been working temporarily with various Non-Commercial International Organisation (Unesco Project with Department of Religious Affairs, Central Jakarta, UNDP, WHO, ILO), some others companies, PT KNORR, SIEMENS Indonesia, PT Jawa Power, PowerGen International until 1999. Most of my functional titles in those companies: Senior Secretary, Librarian and Sr. Administrative Assistant.

Year 1999 up to the present time: helping people who needs to improve their capability in English conversation; Tutor in English for Elementary, Senior, High Schools for those students within the Housing Complex where I live, voluntarily.

Doing translation from Indonesian into English vice versa for letters requested by other parties relating to confidential matters -- (For a General English terminology only.) -- not in term of a Document.

Taught English lesson for fatherless children in 2010 up to 2012. Hopefully, will start a new class within the forthcoming months in my surroundings area, in Pamulang 2.

Leading and show to students or others, who need to improve their English pronunciation in a better way.

As blogger at blogspot since 2009 up to now -- URL www.bundayati.com (Note: this is a new domain as of November 2014; previous domain: http://goodcrab-personal.blogspot.com)

I like reading and writing. To practise my writing capability, I've joined some Social Media since 2009. I am a member of online groups, among others: BlogDetik, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogspot,, Warung Blogger, BlogCamp, KEB (Kumpulan Emak2 Blogger), Blog of Friendship, Rumpun Nektar, Fun Blogging.

The reason of joining those groups is in line with my passion to write and eager to find the way on how to produce a better quality content of writing. KEB motivates me to have stronger and stronger enthusiasm and write articles as much as we can do in our blog. KEB is in the opinion that write articles in our blog as many as possible enable us to increase our rate either in Alexa or Page Rank. I believe by doing it, the quality content of our articles will soon be improved simultaneously.

Last but not least, the most important reason of my online activities is to avoid my being senility in an early date. And these activities of posting and writing that push me a bit regularly, resulting to an appreciation from Mothers' Grup (KEB). On KEB 1st Anniversary, in April 2013 I received a reward from KEB as "Srikandi Lifetime Achievement 2013." ACER/KEB version. What a reward!
To improve my skill in writing, I attend to some Anthology Contests. Luckily, I won several times. For the period of December 2010 until Mid-December 2013, I collected about nineteen (19) anthology of various topics in collaboration with other Contributors. I am not satisfied yet. I wish that one day, hopefully, I can proof to myself that I will have the capability to produce books of my own, with my one and only one name on it -- Yati Rachmat -- . Insha Allah.

Facebook account: www.facebook.com/yati.rachmat

Twitter: @yatirachmat

LinkedIn: id.linkedin.com/pub/yati-rachmat/20/28a/774/en