A poet at heart, a lioness by nature, and girl with an old soul. I am a world traveler. I have seen the world's beauty, its ugliness, its happiness, and its sadness. I can't wait to see more of it. My poetry is non traditional in format; I just write from a place deep within. Hopefully, I will get plenty of people to go on this journey with me and see things as I see them.

On this site I want something different.

Please have a Truth discussion with me on any of my poems. Please be honest but not cruel.

Ask questions
Tell me what do you think of it and how it can be improved?
Do you feel I'm full of doom and gloom or an inspiration? Full of anger or motivating? Do I make your imagination fill with imagery? What do you see when you read it? What do you feel if anything and do you want more of it? What are you're opinions that are constructive criticisms to making it better, if any?
You can comment on this site or on whatever social outlet my poem is on ... I write and post daily. Your interactions matters to me to help me grow my craft to something you would buy if I wrote a book.