Naturalist Dara

Northern Ireland

My name is Dara and I'm a young Autistic Naturalist. I'm passionate about wildlife, nature, conservation and positivity surrounding autism advocacy. I have published articles for New Nature, The Wildlife Trusts, Wader Quest, Wildlife Watch and The Curlew. I was awarded the Springwatch Unsprung Wildlife Hero award in June 2017 and have appeared on BBC Northern Ireland's 'Homeground'. I have also recorded two BBC Radio 4 'Tweet of the Day' programmes. In December 2017 I was awarded ‘Local Hero’ by Birdwatch Magazine and a runner-up in the BBC Wildlife - Local Patch Repoter Blog Awards. In 2018 I was honoured to be named the Daily Mirror ‘Young Animal Hero’ and I also became a Youth Ambassador for RSPCA and the youth social action campaign - iWill.
My debut book - ‘Diary of a Young Naturalist’ will be released in the Spring of 2020 by nature publisher Little Toller. I’m very excited, and nervous about that!
All my writing, appearances and recordings focus on the plight of nature and conservation and I always strive to make people more aware of many issues and more importantly- how they can help. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss anything further! Enjoy your visit and then go out and experience nature for yourself!