Rose Osman - Your Personal Motivator

2/4 Splenic Projector. Certified Human Design Professional, specialises in transcending energy for emotions including Anxiety and Fear. Living Your Design Guide.

Rose Osman was born as Projector with 2/4 Profile and Right Angle Cross of Service. Her services focus on shifting empowerment from the Mind to the Soul and allow people to see the beauty of Life in everything.

Her interest is in Consciousness and its patterns especially in human behaviour, emotions, politics and societies. Her current affair is in Human Design.

In 2015, Rose Osman transformed Your Personal Motivator and currently serves as a brand to YPM Coaching.

She's now coaching people to wake up, heal and be unique through E-courses, one-on-one consultation and group coaching. She also provides solutions to individual and organisation through her Intuitive Solution service.