Yves Zieba


I currently bootstrap @Hackyourstyle, @Syntezia and @Agilenetup. I also help and @yoursoftweb. My passion is to help scale ups and corporates stay creative, innovative and up to date with new business models. I specialise in sustainable development, competitive intelligence, open innovation and strategic agility.

We follow the latest developments in social media, cloud computing, AI, IoT, IIoT, 5G, in 3D (CAD, printing, scan, manufacturing) in mobile apps and games, as well as in big data, semantics, text analytics and HR analytics technologies.

We have developed a special interest the Open Education trends and what happens with the MOOCs.

As a Corporate Responsability Ambassador, I regurlarly talk about ethics as a conference speaker, or as a moderator, and I have recently been awarded as "Equal Salary Ambassador".

I am active on Twitter, Facebook, Github, Google+, Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, Persiscope and LinkedIN, you can find all the links in the Contact section. Very keen to interact with you.

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