Istanbul, Turkey

I'm a writer and an educator living in Istanbul. I currently have 5 books available through as kindles and another mystery novel translated into Turkish available through a publisher in Turkey. My novel Rizzo's World will also be published this year by Austin Macauley Publishers in Great Britain. That's me as the writer. Currently I work independently as a coach/consultant in Istanbul. Before this, I was a coach/consultant for managers at Petkim Petrol/Chemical Company in Izmir. I've also been the director of English language programs at 4 different colleges: 2 in my native NY and 2 in Istanbul. That's me as the educator. I have 2 masters: an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green University (why oh why oh why-o, did I ever go to Ohio?) and an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Columbia University. And besides all that, I once managed a shoe store, a warehouse, owned a literary bookstore called Intellectuals & Liars in Santa Monica, CA, worked as a professional boy scout, wrote advertising copy for radio, did summer stock as an actor, clerked in a food co-op, was a busboy for a day at Ziggy's Kosher Restaurant, sold vacuum cleaners at Gimbels, was a green attendant at Cypress Hills Cemetery and so on. I get tired just thinking about it. Who says teaching is tough? Try leveling graves after a heavy rain. Or moving apples with spots. Now there's a challenge for you. And let's not forget how to Hoover.

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