Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

Zeeshan Hoodbhoy is a celebrity nutritional consultant, music and entertainment entrepreneur, and currently a doctor in training.

Zeeshan Hoodbhoy, MD although a non-practicing medical graduate and 2018 residency candidate, has always had an interest in health and mental and physical wellness, advocating for their importance and relevance in today’s society.

Given his interest and knowledge gained through his coursework, experience from studying under the top medical professionals in Las Vegas, and from attending and learning from many nutrition education events including Harvard and Stanford online, it seemed a natural fit that Zeeshan began consulting as a concierge nutritionist to celebrities. In fact, becoming a health consultant wasn’t even planned; it was something that organically fell into place because of the trust Zeeshan instilled in his clients from in Hollywood, Bollywood, and professional athletes.